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| New Music | Youth Club |

This is a bias review. Straight off the bat, I've said it... and I make no apologies for it. The reason being? I know the Youth Club boys ... not well, admittedly ... only to say 'hello' to - but the chaps from Essex once made a gesture that I will always be grateful for.

I manage a relatively new band called TABOU and before the TABOU boys had done anything of any real note and before they should have been given the chance, Youth Club reached out.

They offered TABOU a support slot at their Chinnerys show. A 500 strong sell out and it gave both TABOU and myself the impetus to move forwards.

Gestures like that don't come along every day and when they do, they should be appreciated and reciprocated. 

Youth Club are considered to be one of the hardest working bands around.

Mass levels of popularity, sell out shows, appearances on national tv... they are the full of potential, and yet at the same time ... they have been making moves long enough to have earned a pedigree that you can't argue with.

They produce feel-good music.

Music that makes you smile, music that makes you move, soulful, funky, 'dancey', sexy summer vibes... and with more hooks than the complete box set of Rocky films.

| New Track | The Man That I Am |


New track - 'The Man I Am' is in the same vein as we have come to expect from YC - every part is bang on opens with a foot stomping beat, and a beautifully clean and soulful vocal, Joe and Dannys trademark guitar sounds kick in to take the song up a level, helping it skip - before the track bursts into life .. 

Youth Club hit upon a formula for 'sing-along' choruses early on, and this track is no different.

It's a beautifully crafted and sublimely produced piece of pop music - full of syncopation, a track that keeps building and building before it punches you in the chest by finishing almost abruptly... I suppose that earmarks a song as a good one, when it ends before you actually want it to.

The lyrics are poignant, but delivered within a track that contrasts the subject matter. Still the message remains: 'Love me as the man... the man that I am'.

Well, the same could be said for the band in its entirety - Love 'Youth Club' for what they are.

Fucking good.

With a new EP due out in the Summer and a tour kicking off in April, do yourself a favour and get yourself down to see Youth Club. 

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

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