Guest DJ

Matt The Bass' choice of tunes.

Soooo.... here at Sticky, we are not content with bringing you new music, though we definitely do... but the music we make is not necessary a reflection of our music tastes.. 

We hope to bring you the music behind the people.. Influences, Inspirations and the tunes that some of our friends and associates love. 

Each fortnight we will be bringing you a new Spotify playlist and this time it's the turn of TABOU bassist Matty Scates. 

Buttery Biscuit Bass

Where to begin? Matty is the finest bass player I have seen... He also happens to be a huge lover of all types of music... whenever he turns the key in his ignition and the tunes blare out... I love the man a little bit more. 

As alter ego DJ Guilo, Matty transcends being 'just' a bassist and it's clear how much he digs music. It's his life. 

Spotify the difference.

Matty's 'Spotify' playlist features artists such as; 

Arctic Monkeys

David Bowie

Fleetwood Mac



MJ Cole

Massive Attack 

A Tribe called Quest... and few other favourites ..... check out Mattys musical mystery tour on TABOUs Spotify Profile below...