‘Manchestooor~ ah’yer mad ferrrrr it?’


* A tale of two cities *

I made a deal with myself at the back end of last #year that it was time to start doing more, seeing more, and just generally getting myself outside of and well beyond the tiny little bubble I’ve pretty much comfortably inhabited for the last 37 years ~ 



For someone as #bright and as capable as me ~ my lack of #travel and #experience of the wider world in general is shockingly shit ~ all because of having been a painfully fearful and anxious person growing up. Not that you would have known it ~ because I was a mouthy little bastard hiding behind a massive shield of bravado. 



#music has been a huge source of #love and #comfort for me throughout my #life ... the moment I discovered #oasis ~ my life improved a 100 fold. I had a #belonging, something to #follow and I was no longer on my own. .



Manchester is #famous || it’s given birth to some of my favourite #musicians and #bands || it has had a massive influence and impact on #British #culture and #fashion and it has produced some of the best #footballers and #footballteams of all time || Some of the #manchesterunited teams I watched growing up were fucking insane... 


As a jumping off point for trying new experiences ~ visiting Manchester suits me down to a T, ~ the fact that I am going there as the #manager of a #band for a gig with @TheKumari ~ and that I get to bring and share the kind of #music that I love hearing ~ with the place that I read about in books and watched on tv growing up || that is such a #blessing || 🙏🏻

Not too bad for a kid who used to be scared of his own shadow not so long ago. 

|| Little Ponderings # 2 ||


|| The balance of Power : ||

Is it not true that in schools the element of competition already presents itself between students? How shit is that? 

What was my result? What was my grade? How did I compare to everyone else? That kind of thinking should not be encouraged. 

Separation clearly exists and is entrenched in a system that actively promotes it. 

We are taught even as children that we are all separate from each other ~  and must compete against one another. 

It’s complete bollocks. 

For those that experience anxiety in a race to be considered ‘the best’ ~ so then resentment or a sense of ‘less than’ must permeate the minds of those children who didn’t ‘score’ as well... and so the dynamics of power are already being built, whilst confidence and self-esteem are already being destroyed. 

If the idea of separation was not being fostered within schools - would it not be an idea to have those children who demonstrated that they understood the lesson better to work with those children who didn’t? ~ 

Is it just me or would it not make sense to have children learn the importance of developing a level of understanding between themselves ~ and to learn from an early age the principle of how best they could (and should) all work together as part of a community - to improve the conditions of the ‘whole’ and for the many - rather than learn how to celebrate individual ‘success’ or fear ‘individual’ recriminations? 

If we want a better future for Humanity ~ then forget adults, we are already far too fucked, no empathy, no compassion, far too selfish. 

In order to affect future change, we have to implement systems to teach people whilst they are children the kind of principles that will make them more loving and caring adults. 

If children were taught the philosophy of community and ‘oneness’ ~ and had the idea of how we should all work together to share our skills, talents and material possessions with one another ~ then it would be obvious in the future that there is no such thing as scarcity and there is no lack of anything else we might need. 

There is more than enough to go around ~ the problem is that we are all taught that we are in direct competition with one another... and it’s a load of complete and utter bollocks. 

What is really terrifying is that by doing what we have always done, we have learned how to fear and hate each other, to steal, rob and kill for the things we do not have, and have utterly raped and pillaged our resources, environment and our home. 

Separation is a myth and a devasting lie designed by those in charge to divide and conquer the masses.

Yet whilst all of that is clear - fuck all seems to be being done to change it? 

Anyone would think that the powers that be are happy with things the way they are? What about the rest of us tho?

Schools currently teach children absolutely nothing of value. Nothing at all. 

Change is needed from the floorboards up.  

The Inner Child


We are all just children pretending to be adults.

I love that picture below - me and my Mum.

The fear on my face. So genuine. 

My Mum, affording herself a little smile. 

What she knows and what I don’t ~ is that I am safe. She’s got me. She knows that what I am feeling is irrational. 

She knows that her child is scared - but she also knows that it is temporary and that unless I go thru that fear, and meet it head on - I won’t realise just how irrational I was being. 

What a fucking predicament for a kid to have to face. Far from easy for an adult too. 


Doing our best.

That picture of me and my mum- isn’t that just the perfect analogy of all of the fears that we have to go thru in Life? 

It’s not so much a case of ‘sink or swim’ in that pic cos i’ve got the ol fucking arm bands on ... and my mums hands around me but the fact remains that in Life - whether you want to or not, you ARE getting chucked in the pool. 

It’s only after being thrown in that you have to either figure out how to swim ... or ... just not be able to.

The difference is that in reality, if you can’t figure out how to adapt, or learn, or progress - whatever - rather than sink to the bottom and drown - the consequence is that you just keep having to go thru the same old shit, day in, day out, month on month, year on year -  and who really wants that? That’s not living, it’s treading water. 


Be gentle

I think the problem is that with most issues we encounter that scare us or make us feel frightened are often situations that defeat us purely on the basis of how fearful we are ~ before we even confront them. 

There was a time when Manchester United were so dominant, opposing teams would concede defeat before the first whistle. Most boxing matches are won or lost before the bell even rings. 

I think it was Henry Ford who said ‘Whether you think you can or can’t - you’re right‘. 

The only reason we would ever think that we couldn’t do something is fear.  That is the ONLY reason. 

The reality is, if at some point as a baby, we somehow managed to learn how to walk and fucking talk, then i’m sure we can pretty much learn to do most things. 

The problem is the level of expectation and fear we place upon ourselves. 

Fear of failing to meet our own expectations, fear of fucking up, fear of embarrassing ourselves, fear of what other people will think, fear of getting hurt - all of those things don’t alter the fact that sooner or later - whether you are ready or not - Life WILL chuck you in the fucking swimming pool. 

I think these couple of things are worth remembering - 

1/ The sooner I accept that it’s normal for me to feel scared, the sooner I can accept that I have two choices. Sink or swim. Simple as that. Learn or stagnate. 

The quicker I put my fears into context, the sooner I can get myself and my shit prepared, then I have the time to go for some swimming lessons, or at the very least grab my fucking armbands. 

Without that extra time to prepare, my task is made 100 times more difficult. 

The fear of something is not going to leave me...it will be nipping at me right up until the point where it becomes a side issue and i’m actually far too preoccupied with actually having to do the thing I was shit scared of doing to notice it anyway. 

2/ We are all just children pretending to be adults. 

I don’t HAVE to be brilliant at something straight away, I don’t HAVE to get things right first time, I don’t HAVE to know what I am doing, I don’t HAVE to worry about fucking up. 

Up until the point where I encounter doing something for the first time, I am just a child pretending to be an adult anyways. I am back to either being coaxed by my mum to get my armbands on and come get in the pool, or I am a child standing on the edge - terrified of being pushed in. 

So what I DO have to do, is make sure I look after that kid. 

I have to try to encourage that kid, help to make him feel more confident, safe and secure, reassure him that whether it takes an hour or whether it takes a lifetime, he WILL ‘get it’ - but most importantly, I have to reassure him that regardless of whatever happens... he doesn’t need to be as scared as he is - because he is not going to drown.  

The inner child, just like fear - will never go... on some level, whether we know it or not - we will always revert back to being that scared little kid. 

So knowing that - would you still berate that child for being frightened? Would you give that child a hard time for not being incredible at something after two mins? Or would you praise that kid to the high heavens for being brave enough to try?

That kid is you. So give yourself a break.  

It’s alright to be scared, it’s alright to fuck up, it’s alright to not be confident at first, but if you never learn how to swim, you will never experience that feeling of knowing that all your fears were being magnified a thousand fold, you won’t experience the feelings of relief, satisfaction and pride at knowing that you are far more capable and self reliant than you thought you were, and maybe even most importantly - you won’t experience the excitement, fun and enjoyment of running around the pool like a fucking maniac, laughing and joking - before leaping off the side and bombing into the water. 

What kid should not get the chance to experience that?

Little ponderings #1


From Russia with Love ..

Getting a lot of attention from Russia on my Insta lately ... 

‘Oh hi Alina Kulimena with your 1516 follows but no posts.... ‘ 🙄 

I can only come to one of two possible conclusions -


Mind control to Major Tom.

1/ Putin has sussed that I’m well unhappy with the current regime and sees me as a potential recruit — a covert ‘Manchurian Candidate’ type operative - charged with task of bringing down the British Government.

Susceptible and disillusioned enough to be hypnotised and used as a human weapon: 

One ‘key-phrase’ and - zoop- I go online.... 

(Poooooots, if you ARE reading this bro.... and want to reprogram me into becoming a cold blooded emotionless killer - I’m wholeheartedly down with that).

Fully prepped to stick two in Teresa May - one in the chest and as she is on the way down -one in the head. As is the way. 🙏🏻

Anyways - I ain’t gonna feel bad about the prospect of stopping a murderer in their tracks, and you can’t really kill a robot can you? 

Plus - If something doesn’t have human emotion, you can’t be charged with ‘murder’ either I don’t believe. 👍🏻


Am I on a watch list now?


2/ The Russian people have recognised and embraced my genius for musical talent spotting before anyone else and fully want to get behind the bands I’m working with? 

Fuck knows - Defo one of them 2 things anyways. 

Point of Interest: 

Given the amount of keywords I have used in this post... I would definitely have hoped to have flagged up like a set of Christmas Tree lights to The British, US and Russian Intelligence Services - 

So - Alan, Chad, Maksim— whoever’s reading this one - what’s happening guys 👋🏻

Stay asleep - you can trust us...


The Truth is out there...

I absolutely refuse to rule out any conspiracy theory that I hear of... I love them.

Moon landing? Bullshit. 

Princess Diana? Definitely nutted off. 

Sep 11? America done that. 

I was researching ‘The Brian Jonestown Massacre’ today - ( which by the way - is the best band name that anyone has ever or will ever come up with) - and from there I was led to all the stories about Rev Jim Jones and The Jones Town Massacre... 

I remembered being vaguely aware of the story somewhere in the deep dark recesses of my mind - Reading about it all properly for the first time today tho... I found it fascinating. 

The suggestion that the whole bizarre tale was all part of a mass CIA mind-control experiment ... and a failed one at that... (Google: MK Ultra) ... I can 💯 totally get on board with believing that kinda shit. 

Waco, David Koresh and the absurdity of whatever transpired there too... too strange to be fiction. 

The most important and pertinent questions left afterwards always seem to somehow remain unanswerable and almost always  inexplicably so... seemingly. 

Or perhaps rather more curiously - the alternative - we are often left with wildly contrasting and differing versions of events - The sworn testimonies of those who were there - yet those whose memories would seem to be locked in a battle to contradict each other? 

Once the dust settles - there is never quite enough pieces of the truth left over for us to be able to fully reconstruct the story in it’s entirety - gaping holes left unexplained. 

It is the absence of the ability to be able to prove or come to a definitive unanimous conclusion of what happened that proves that somehow, somewhere, someone along the line ...is fucking lying. 


Reds under the bed...

America v Russia - Capitalism vs Communism - when you read about the some of the lengths both of these sides have gone to (and continue to go to) to try to win the ongoing Cold War - man... it’s fucking insane. 

If all of us were completely unaware of the existence of The CIA or the KGB (now FSB) and couldn’t conceive or believe them to exist - and you were handed a book someone had written about all of the escapades over the years - you would think you were perusing through the fantasy world ravings of a fucking lunatic. 

It’s literally mental. In a genuinely literal sense. 

Even just skimming the surface of it - nevermind the truly horrific stuff, if you look at it objectively - it’s all completely crazy shit. 

From embarrassingly laughable and comical failed assassination attempts (google: Fidel Castro exploding cigar) - to the rather more sinister practice of being prepared to completely break down the psyche and the humanity of one of your own citizens or comrades, to be willing to brutally and systematically dehumanise and psychologically reprogramme an individual - in order to turn them into a psychotic, pathological, paranoid, sociopathic weapon. 

Still ... what price to pay for freedom eh? What lengths would those in power be prepared to go to in order to preserve their countries ’way of Life’ (or rather their tenuous grip on the power they wield) ... 


Power corrupts

For America to kill 900 or 5k of it’s own citizens in order to spin a yarn and cover up it’s real motives for say... waging war for oil ...it’s means absolutely nothing to them. 

Collateral damage... the price of Liberty and Freedom...

You think Theresa May gives even the tiniest fuck about 22 kids being blown to bits at a gig up North? 

She doesn’t give a shit. Not one iota of compassion. 

These people ‘in charge’ - they are in those positions of power because they exhibit signs of severe and extreme mental illness in the first place ...  

To actually crave that level of a power - or to WANT to have the responsibility of millions of people’s lives in your hands - the first time someone utters that out loud to another human being, they should be reported and sectioned immediately. 

‘I’ve been thinking about it... and you know what? I reckon I could be The President? ... na ... seriously ... I’ve decided that out of absolutely everyone - I am the single most capable person to run shit  ...  I’m definitely intelligent enough to be able to make the right decisions for absolutely everyone else ... having to make Life or Death choices on a daily basis? Fuck yeah... I live for that stuff. 

I reckon - out of everyone, I am the most qualified person to be in charge of whether or not to press the big red button - 

I should be the one who decides whether or not to nuke shit up - kill millions and millions of innocent people? Thrust any left over survivors into a horrific post apocalyptic dystopian nightmare future? Yep... no worries. You leave that to me...’ 

My suggestion would be: Once every four years or so - we ask everyone who would like  to be considered for the role of Prime Minister or President - and then whoever puts their hand up - just help those people on with a straight jacket and cart them off to somewhere with nice padded soft walls where they are no danger to anyone. 

People who seek the power of Life and Death over others are not well... they shouldn’t be trusted with a pair of scissors... let alone trusted with the fate of the world.

Mind Control for the Masses.


A design for Religion: The Panopticon prison...

In the late 18th century... an exceptionally  sick minded bastard called Jeremy Bentham, gave birth to a rather perverted idea. 

It was for the design of a particular type of prison - and a system of control - called The Panopticon. 

The design of the building made it so that just a single guard could observe all of the inmates, without the inmates being able to tell if they were being watched or not.  

Although it would have been impossible for a single guard to watch all of the inmates at once, the inmates, could not know if they were being watched or not  -and so had to assume that they were... 

The result was that they regulated their OWN behaviour. 

Just the threat that authority COULD be watching was enough to control the masses. 

... but what about controlling those of us not inside a prison? 

How could the people in charge make sure that the rest of us lot behave ourselves? 

How about the invention of GOD?

God: The fearful and threatening concept of an all powerful ever present Iron Fist inside a velvet glove ...

The fair but vengeful guard... Ever watchful...  ... ever present ... and yet never seen. The ultimate watchman. 

Just a thought? 

*** CRITICAL MASS ~ A short story ***


Precursor ...


The speed of the research, the rapid progress made and the subsequent results seen in the use of cannabis within medicine went largely unnoticed. Initially.

... but in a World were most were suffering and self-medicating anyways - it didn’t take long before cannabis oil soon became the best option available in the treatment of ‘depression’ (both diagnosed or otherwise) ... and a whole host of other diseases and illnesses-  long before it was available on prescription. 

Only this was back in 2018, and so nobody in power gave a shit... they were happy to have an apathetic and lethargic population... as long as they were squeezing the lifeblood and the poundnotes out of humanity - all was as it should be - and the rest of us...? 


Well, we didn’t kick up much of a fuss... fuck, most of us didn’t even notice ... we were all much too busy playing with our phones, watching boxsets and waiting vacantly to die of consumerism. Or boredom. Or cancer.. Or all three: 

Modern Day...

The young man paused for a second... ’What was it like? ... Back then... before... well before all of this? ’ ... 

The old man looked wistfully into the middle distance... it had been a long time since he had thought about his time ... and life back on Earth. 

‘It’s hard to imagine now just how bleak things were back then... Cancer was winning the fight against itself. 1/3 of us were being affected by it back then... homelessness was an epidemic, hospitals were on the brink of collapse, we set up emergency food banks - not to help feed the poor... no... for people who were working but still couldn’t afford to eat, and 1/4 of us had been diagnosed with ‘mental health issues’ and were being treated with anti-depressants... and that was just in England... supposedly a civilised country.  

As for the rest of the World? ... The reality was that War, Famine, Pestilence and Death ... they were everywhere. 

To some they symbolised the growth of capitalism, communism, catholicism and Islam... to others - the rise of false religion, the increase of war, the escalation of natural disasters ... and a loss of Faith ..

To some they represented the ‘Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse‘ - and signified the end of The World... just as the Bible had foretold ... and it was those people who appeared to have been right... 

In 2020 - NASA had proven beyond all doubt that The World was coming to an end... somewhere out there amongst the stars, working its way along The Universe and coming straight for Earth - An apocalypse... they called it ‘Revelation’ ... or ‘The End of Days‘ - they predicted that by 2025... Humanity would face extinction...  Armageddon. 



It’s hard to say that humans were to be wiped out... because by then there was no humanity... 

We had no compassion, no sympathy, no understanding... we didn’t care anymore... didn’t feel anymore... we had become desensitised - not just to each other ... but towards everything... we had killed the planet... the world that we inhabited, the world that already had all of the natural resources that we could have wanted or needed to sustain us all... and what did we do to it? 

We either chopped it down, poisoned it or set it on fire... 

We hated each other, lied, cheated and stole from one another... power and greed made us kill each other, fear drove us to insanity .. and we couldn’t even see it... 

Humanity was dead long before ‘Revelation’ hit us... ‘Revelation’ was simply the fire that was to purge Earth and rid it of the disease that Mankind had become.  


The young boy could feel the sadness radiating from the old timer.... he could sense the pain and the shame the old man was experiencing.

Every single story the boy had heard about Earth had all depicted the same vision  ... A hellish nightmare ... a history full of bloodshed and violence from the outset .. greed and fear, separation and hate, all conspired to tear Mankind apart... 

From the very first Sin... was humanity really doomed to fail from the start? 

Or was it the conception and the rise of religion...the single biggest cause of conflict and bloodshed in mans history ...  was that the catalyst that had signified the beginning of the end? 

Some say it was the failure of good people to act - those who knew better ... and yet stood and did nothing - whilst evil ran amok all around them... some say it was that, that had finally convinced ‘The Creator‘ that the human experiment had truly failed, that redemption was beyond humanitys grasp and that it was finally time to admit defeat. 


... and yet whilst Earth had been destroyed -Humanity ... somehow ... survived ... 

A miracle had occurred... and Mankind had changed... after living in darkness since it’s inception ... somehow and against all odds Human Nature HAD evolved... it had seen the error of it’s ways... it had accepted the horror that it had caused ... and it had repented... 

The World had  woken up. 


The young boy had heard the stories before ... but surely they couldn’t be true? 

Surely it couldn’t have been something that simple, something that ... innocuous... that had changed everything? Humanity had seen war, famine, death... none of those things had caused enough horror to open Mankinds eyes ... or their minds... 

So if things of that magnitude had not caused a shift... how could humanity have found salvation ... in a plant? 


Raising the Frequency...

‘Was it really weed...?‘ the boy asked... ‘Was it really something as simple as that? Something as simple as a plant that saved Mankind?’ ... 

The old man, a human himself... smiled ruefully... ‘it was....yes... it was something as simple as that...’ 

... ’...but how?... the boy persisted... ‘I don’t understand?’ ... 

The old man closed his eyes... approaching death peacefully... he was ready to go... he had seen things in his lifetime that had been more than enough for any mind to try to conceive... he was tired now... he could smile when he thought of the past... He had lived  to see The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity ... he had lived through the dark times, he had grown up and witnessed the horrors as wars and hatred had raged on Earth - and he had lived long enough to feel the security and serenity as true peace and love had become a reality... 

He smiled once more... ‘It wasn’t as simple as a plant my child, it was what the plant contained ... a chemical... a chemical powerful enough to change the World.’ 

‘If memory serves ... it happened like this’... 

Science vs Spirituality

A scientific breakthrough changed everything - in 2018, we began to see the staggering results that the use of cannabis oil was having within medicine... yet one of the key ingredients - the chemical known as  THC - was being removed ... that changed in 2020... when a study showed that a tablet containing just 3% THC had produced miraculous results in it’s trials... 

By 2021... the pill was compulsory for all citizens the entire world over... One tablet to be taken every morning. By every man, woman and child on Earth... 

Almost overnight the World changed - violence began to drop, a feeling of well-being and peacefulness was reported, 

Universally people spoke of finally feeling comfortable in their own skins... 

The changes continued - we would go on to develop a stronger connection with each other, and realise that we were all interconnected, all brothers and sisters -

Collectively our brainwaves went from beta to gamma... we began vibrating on a much higher frequency... and as a result... we all became more connected and attuned to a ‘higher power‘ ... 

The idea of religion soon fell away... as did the idea of different countries, borders and passports... we realised that different cultures were divisive and that none of us were any different from the person next to us... we knew that separation was an illusion. 

Judgement Day...

When Judgement Day finally came ... when the sky parted and we were all made witness to the magnificence and indescribable beauty that underpinned our entire existence - we were no longer at war with each other ... our creator discovered us all peacefully and happily gathered  ... all aware of the fact that we were ALL serving TOGETHER to form a uniquely vital, crucial and essential part of what - once CONNECTED - becomes the whole. 

... and in that one moment - we were spared... 

The damage that we had done to the planet could not be reversed, we could not stay on Earth, it could no longer be our home... 

The dawn of a new era and the birth of a new chapter for humanity began on that day, as we were given a new place to build our future, we opened our eyes to find ourselves transported to a new world .. a new home... as members of a new race ... all part of a single ‘Universal Family ... ‘

The destruction of Earth was the sacrifice we had to make, the consequence for our blindness, but it had opened our eyes and for the first time ... humanity could see a clear future - a peaceful and loving future ... together.