Introducing: L.A.N.E.S

STICKY is delighted to welcome new London four piece L.A.N.E.S to the family.

* Having bared witness to the birth of L.A.N.E.S ~ and now hearing the absolute bangers this lot are coming up with? We’re so fucking buzzing to see what this gang produce in 2019. 

* They are also a proper nice close knit bunch of lads too. Love them all. 

* L.A.N.E.S ~ Love. And. New. Encouraged. Stories. 

Debut EP out soon.

* On the 22/9/18 the boys went into Buffalo Studios to start recording two tracks for their debut EP - The 8th December saw it completed. We also enlisted the help of producer JB Pilon and videographer Harry O to capture their first video || 

* The two tunes (MSI and Taking Me Over) will now be sent for mastering ~ and we hope to drop some naughty new music on you in early 2019 || 

* On the weekend of the 15th Feb, L.A.N.E.S will be heading to Yorkshire to work with Manuka Hive frontman Charlie Phelps and record two more tracks: ‘See The Sun’ and ‘Maybe we will never know’ 

* After that it’s gigs, gigs, gigs. 

As for the start - Sticky followed the journey. Have a little watch of the video below. 

Keep an eye out - and maybe write it down ~ it’s spelt L.A.N.E.S. 

Insta: @lanesbanduk

L.A.N.E.S ~ first recording session. Buffalo Studios || 22/9

L.A.N.E.S - frontman Scotty Curwen || Interview Part 1.

* Interview backstage at Nambucca on the 13th July 2018. || 

Audio (bare bones)

Demo: MSI

Currently in production.