Jimmy Higgs

Artist and Designer

Jimmy Higgs: 

Interesting backstory with this cat. 

Did you ever read that story about the baby who went missing in Southend - and they found him 13 years later? It transpired that he had been raised by wolves and was feral as a result? 

Well ...that wasn't Jimmy. 

The real story.

Jimmy Higgs is an Essex-based illustrator, designer and artist. After hanging up his bass guitar in 2013, Jimmy found himself creating artwork and logos for bands who he had previously shared the stage with.

Dividing his time between Southend-on-Sea and London, Jimmy now creates original artwork using a variety of platforms (favouring ink and digital).

Jimmy's artwork has a distinct cartoon style more often than not laced with a hard hitting message. The contrast in emotions is a common theme dating back to his songwriting days with Skinny Dream. 

Morals? In this day and age??

To my mind, an artist is only producing what they love when the subject matter is something that they feel strongly about. 

Jimmys views on the future of our planet and caring for our environment lends itself to the quality of his work... Jimmy has something to say... and uses his skill to hold a mirror up to society - with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek. 

When you are a person like me... who truly loves art and design but doesn't have the required skill or talent to produce it yourself  ... it brings about an even greater appreciation of someone like Jimmys capabilities. 

Imagination in abundance and the capacity to bring into existence what he sees in his minds eye. 

If that is not the definition of 'art' - then I don't know what is. 

If you want to discuss getting Jimmy involved in any projects you are creating, please get in touch - email: stickyfingerlimited@gmail.com