J.B Pilon


JB has produced for over 300 different acts since 2009. 

He has most recently been working with BBC London, Beggars Group, Big Life Records, RCA and Hevisike Records.


Multi-instrumentalist JB has composed music for and worked on various different projects for TV and film. 

Music is something that runs through his blood. 

Studio Engineer

Monsieur Pilon has worked in some of London's finest recording spaces including Konk, Rak, Toe Rag, Soup and Kore. 

It's fair to say that the man knows his way around a studio. 

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A man on a mission...

JB ...

I have shared a stage, shared a studio and shared a tour bus with him - and I would love to do all three again at some point. 

What sets JB apart is his dedication to music and his level of  professionalism.

He is one of the suavest, coolest, most charismatic men you could hope to meet and like any decent free spirit -he knows how to have a good time, but he would never let that detract from the music. 

Whether he is writing, recording or breaking the record for playing the Worlds highest ever gig (6476m in Nepal - in case you were wondering)JBs mind is never far from his music.  

Whatever your musical project - JB can help turn what you hear in your head into what others will hear with their ears. 

To utilize JBs talents for your project - Speak to Sticky.