TABOU the F*ck are you?

Who are TABOU?

* Soulful * Funky * Nu-Disco * Electro Pop * Pure vibes

Formed in London and Essex in Jan 17 - this exciting new band has the potential to be absolutely everywhere soon. 

'TABOU make nu-soul music that's slick, classy, smooth as room temperature butter, and comes across like those tunes cool people secretly loved from the late 70s and early 80s, but didn’t have the balls to tell their mates.'   

Eddy Temple-Morris.  Xfm, Virgin, Soho Radio DJ.  Festival Curator. A&R. Ibiza Rocks Secret Garden Party     

*** Second track 'Upgrade' due for release on the 04.08.17. 

Debut single 'Honey' racked up over 40k plays on Soundcloud in next to no time and the live video to accompany the track clocked up over 35k views in less than a week ... 

*** Please direct any inquiries concerning the band to

*** First play on BBC Radio 1

*** Regular plays on BBC Introducing in Essex 

*** Already regarded as one of the hottest bands in Essex 

'Upgrade' by TABOU.

A preview of the second track by Essex fresh 'uns TABOU. 

'Upgrade' is available now. 

'Upgrade' promo.

* TABOU - 'Upgrade' promo video. * Gig footage shot at Chinnerys. 

Edit by Andy Bridgwood. 

TABOU - Next GIG ...

ESCAPE TO THE MANOR... 16/09/17.

STICKY are super proud to confirm that TABOU will be featuring at 'Escape to the Manor' - an exclusive gig organised by Virgin Radio DJ, musical aficionado and all round good egg Eddy Temple Morris. 

The gig which takes place on the 16/09/17 features the likes of Reverend and The Makers, MC Xander, Lost Colours and Eddy himself amongst a plethora of other wicked artists. 

With just 500 tickets up for grabs - get yours on the link below. 


'Escape to the Manor' is a charitable affair and is being brought to you in association with CALM - 

CALM is working tirelessly to raise awareness and prevent male suicide.. the biggest killer in men under 45 in the UK. 

Beautiful people - doing beautiful work. 

To find out more - click here: 


After the success of TABOUs performance at a packed Chinnerys in Southend (Sincerely thank you once again to Youth Club)  - The lads are buzzing for this next one - for tickets - Get in quick here:




Live Footage

A live performance of 'Honey' by TABOU can be found here ... 

Review: Music Crowns: 

 Their debut single ‘Honey‘ is sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth. A future classic in the making, the track delivers all the band’s trademark charm. Like cruising the streets in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, ‘Honey’ is an electrifying throwback with a few new tricks up its sleeve. From its straight off the bat, 80’s inspired disco beat, to its refreshing half-time chorus, TABOU’s debut is an unforgettably strong introduction. 


TABOUs debut track 'Honey' exceeded all expectations - over 40k streams on Soundcloud in no time at all, live video for the same track clocked up over 35k view on Music Crowns platform in under a week. Regularly featured on BBC Introducing in Essex - Played on BBC Radio 1 - Celebrity fans and some exciting plans for the future.

*** TABOU are definitely ones to watch. 


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