Press Release re: Scott Curwen - 'Out of Reach'.

To whom it may concern ...

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'Out of Reach' - official lyric video.

New visuals for Scott Curwens debut single - 'Out of Reach' - 

Massive thanks to @davecnwilliams for the visuals - Track produced masterfully by @Jeraki - 

Release date: TBC 

Eddy temple morris - VIRGIN RADIO.

'A strong and confident release in the fine tradition of Indie Dance - As though some of the 90's most agreeable melodies got into bed with some of the 90's most danceable DJs'.  




We're currently in the process of putting together the content needed to sufficiently educate you...

Put it this way ~ in the 15 years @stickyfingerltd has been in and around the London and Essex music scene, it's very fucking fair to say that @scottcurwenmusic is the most naturally gifted #singer/#songwriter we have ever encountered .. by a stretch..and the feisty young man has more #potential than a 15 year old Lionel Messi coming up thru the Barca youth ranks...



#stickyfingerltd and #scottcurwen have history together...Two years ago, we set out to record and release Scottys debut EP ... Destiny interjected and Scotty instead went on to front 'LANES' ... a #band who inside just 3 fateful gigs, became the first #group since 'Madness' in the 80s to be offered a monthly residency at The Dublin Castle in Camden, after selling it out and smashing the place up during their second ever gig (we said 'no') ~  the boys went on to grab the attention of Eddie Temple Morris (Virgin Radio) Pete Donaldson (Absolute Radio) and Gordon Smart (Radio X) ...  

Nothing lasts forever tho, and like all good tales of an exciting mythical RockNRoll band and what could have been...LANES parted company much sooner than anyone anticipated...  



The fact is tho... you just can't fight 'Fate' and so wiser and more determined than ever before.. Scotty is on a mission... 'Sticky' has put together a team of super talented young motherfuckers who are all hungry  and all pulling in the same direction ... and the aim is simple... get Curwens debut EP recorded to a standard that befits the sheer quality of the songs and then bang that fucker out there - hard - and get it into the ears of as many proper music fans as possible - all those young rocknrollers who have been robbed of anything even remotely decent in the last ten years...   

Oh and we intend to laugh, joke and take the piss as much as possible as we travel along our journey. 

Stay tuned. 

'Stop The Rain' - the long awaited debut EP from Scotty Curwen.. due out in early 2020.  





Hit the link for a little glimpse into the type of character Curwen is and get to know the person who is responsible for creating of some of the best new fucking music you have yet to hear ...

You have been warned ... Curwen is coming to steal your soul.