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About Us

Fuck yeah...

Sticky is a dream based on Love and an idea that we all have different talents, so whilst we would love to be able to sing, paint and create a film... we can't. What we ARE good at is talking to people, discovering talent that CAN do those beautiful things and connecting the dots.   

Here's the idea...

Sooooo ... you need a piece of art, a logo, a song written or produced, a session musician, someone to film a music video, create a short film or produce a documentary... 

Sticky knows some of the sickest people around.

Just follow the steps - 

* Head over to our 'Talent' page.

* Select the profile of someone you like.

* Email Sticky with a brief of what you need. 

*** Leave the rest to us. *** 

**** One of the team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your ideas in more depth.

Money can't buy experience..

With over 15 years experience of recruitment and 10 years experience in the Creative Services Industry... we are confident that we can offer you a service that will open your mind like a tin of beans.