TABOU monthly residency at The Falcon.

Residents of Essex.

What you doing? 

: Hosting a monthly night at The Falcon in Southend - featuring TABOU and special guests. 


: Cos we want to build something from the floorboards up... build a celebration of culture and a place for creative people to all get together. 


: Cos it's about exposing people to new music - and each other - and because it worked for The Beatles and The Stones. 


: Just BECAUSE - okay? Stop asking so many fucking questions all the time. 


1st of every month - Free Entry - 

The Falcon. Southend. 

*** Music is a mission - not a competition ***  

TABOU latest...

TABOU Essex - Southend monthly residency

Sticky are delighted to announce an agreement with Southend venue The Falcon to host a monthly residency for TABOU - first gig 01/12/17... This is an opportunity for us to also highlight other local artists once a month. 

'Galaxies Apart' - New Music...coming soon...

Third release from TABOU - 'Galaxies Apart' will be dropped at the end of November. 

A beautifully melodic love song with Universal themes... .yet again, something completely different from TABOU. 

*** New gig dates.

01/12 - The Falcon. Southend. 

08/12 - Sofar Sounds. London. 

14/12 - Sofar Sounds. London. 


TABOU have dropped their first official video for second single 'Upgrade' - 

Massive thank you to Mike from

Thank you to:

@tolzypole and @shancroasdailemakeup

TABOU live on Soho Radio.

TABOU join ETM at SH radio HQ.

TABOU were lucky enough to be granted permission by The Prime Minister, the head of The Met, and her majesty The Queen to enter London late on Friday night for an exclusive chat with Eddy Temple Morris live on air. 

Let's talk business.

TABOU are in the business of making music... 

The boys get down to the nitty gritty of discussing influences, songwriting and tunesmanship under the nurturing care of absolute gem of a man ETM. 

Profanity will not be tolerated.

Praise of the highest order must go to TABOU for managing not to swear even once during their 15 mins air time. 

Though 8 mins of that was spent listening to 'Honey' and 'Upgrade' hit the airwaves. 

Listen in at 1hr 45mins to hear the boys views.

... or head over to:

... for video footage. 

Video upgrade - for 'Upgrade'.

Upgraded video.

After establishing a relationship with Mike after working with him during a live video session at The Broomcupboard Studios -  Both TABOU and Sticky are delighted to be working with Carousel Films again. This time on something much more creative. 

Visually impaired.

TABOU are about more than the music - everyone involved is a 'creative'. The group is a conceptual idea in itself - which is reflected in the name. 

We all recognize that music is consumed with the eyes as well as with the ear balls. 

After coming in with a 'live session video'  for debut track 'Honey' - the second instalment in The Tales of TABOU will see things take a slightly darker twist with the creation of the official music video for TABOUs second release 'Upgrade'. 

Tales of The Unexpected...

Does 'Life imitate Art' or does 'Art imitate Life'? 

Either  way... this is the first chance for TABOU to get visually creative. 

We spent a brief period of time with Mike from Carousel and gave him our ideas - and to quote 'Matt The Bass' he literally 'raped our minds' - his conceptual understanding of what we want is bang on the money.  Can't wait to get started. 

Smart smart man. Super professional. Check his stuff out...

'Upgrade' by TABOU.

The follow up to debut track 'Honey' - 

'Upgrade' is out now. 

TABOU - 'My OWN ' (KWABS Cover)


The TABOU boys loved their session at the Broomcupboard Studios with Rees whilst filming the live video for 'Honey' and took the time to fire off this cover of Kwabs massive track 'My Own'. 

For more on TABOU - Click here:

Thank you also to Mike at Carousel for his skills in filming, editing and producing.

TABOU latest

* * * New track 'Upgrade' OUT NOW * * *

Hot on the heels of their successful debut track 'Honey' ... having featured on BBC Essex Intrroducing, Soho Radio, and the mighty BBC Radio One -  TABOU have been keeping their foot firmly on the gas ... 

The chaps have recently dropped their second track entitled 'Upgrade' - if you liked how the lads started their journey, then you will love 'Upgrade' ... OUT NOW. 

Review -

Live video for 'Honey' premiered on Music Crowns..

Soon after releasing their debut single - TABOU were busy at The Broomcupboard Studios in Southend filming a live performance of 'Honey' to accompany the track. 

After being premiered on Music Crowns - the video has clocked up over 35k views in just over a week. 

Review of 'Honey'.

*** First play on BBC Radio 1

*** Regular plays on BBC Introducing in Essex 

*** Plays on Soho Radio. 

As well as being the first platform to showcase TABOUs live performane of 'Honey' - Music Crowns were also kind enough to surprise the chaps with this rather glowing review of the track ... 

Their debut single ‘Honey‘ is sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth. A future classic in the making, the track delivers all the band’s trademark charm. Like cruising the streets in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, ‘Honey’ is an electrifying throwback with a few new tricks up its sleeve. From its straight off the bat, 80’s inspired disco beat, to its refreshing half-time chorus, TABOU’s debut is an unforgettably strong introduction.

A massive thank you to everyone over at Music Crowns. 

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